total nonsense ㋡

That line just now… if some other girl said that to me I’d have felt amazing. How could I hear that from you?


jdrama/kdrama meme (1/100 favourite scenes)

"If I’m your friend, what is Jung In to you?"
Smile, You (2009)

         GO EUNBI                                                      KWON RISAE
         1992-2014                                                           1991-2014

                              REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

"I remember everything. When we were about to break up, how I was to you. You were there for five years, becoming like a habit, so there were no tension and I was comfortable with you being around. So I made all kind of mistakes, too. I was often late on our dates, I often forgot our plans. I wasn’t curious about what you wanted, I thought nothing of it when you were hurting. I remember everything, all of it. Even all the details of everything I’ve done wrong." 

this wasn’t a lucky day for bounty hunter!hae

drama mv 

I will never forgive you.


Hahahahaha!! I love their relationship together! They are so funny as a group! <3